In 2011, at the request of many law enforcement members who had attended his classes, Kechely wrote the handbook, Management of Aggressive Canines for Law Enforcement.  Though this book is no longer in print and Kechely does not actively seek opportunities to teach, he is approached often by agencies to present his material on dealing safely with dogs.  

Troy Kechely began his interest in canine behavior while growing up on a ranch in western Montana.  It was this interest that led him to work with regional animal shelters and create a non-profit group dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Rottweilers.  During that time, Kechely founded Think Dog Consulting and developed classes to teach to law enforcement, animal control officers and animal shelter staff on how to safely deal with aggressive dogs.  Along with teaching classes on canine behavior, he has been requested as an expert witness in canine bite cases, including cases where officers have been forced to use deadly force against dogs.  

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